Learn the Secrets of Pain Control

Deep Relaxation:

You will become adept in entering a deeply relaxed state.  When deeply relaxed, you cannot be in pain or feel distressed at the same time.  Your experience of deep relaxation is the opposite of those other feelings and disrupts the signals coming up through your pain gate.


You will learn how to de-escalate a tense situation by changing how you think about the pain and how you manage it.  You will develop the ability to put things into their proper perspective and end the suffering that comes from your fears about what is happening to you.


You will be able to take charge of your life by employing a number of cognitive and behavioural coping strategies that will help you gain control over your experience and focus on things that are useful, interesting and fun.



You will develop the ability to step back from the pain and stop it sucking the joy out of your life while remaining completely present in your current situation.


You will develop the ability to play with the sensations that signal pain, changing their intensity, frequency and duration, much like a guitarist using the effects pedals and dials on their instrument.  You will learn how to increase feelings of comfort and turn down pain.


You will learn how to detach and distance yourself from the pain so you no longer feel attached to it.  This is a versatile skill that can be conbined with one or more others to great effect.

Using these skills, you will learn to feel better, sleep better and take your life back.  Start a conversation and take the first step to a  more joyful and meaningful life.


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